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Packaging To Pose With!

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Packaging To Pose With!

Working within packaging systems is one of our favorite jobs. We normally do it while listening to our favorite Spotify playlist. But don’t think it’s all fun&games. It takes rational and methodic mindsets to really pull it through the whole multiple-step methods we use until it’s ready to be printed, stamped, engraved, well… into the wild.

1. Thinking Food&Beverage Packaging Strategically

Depending on the food or beverage segment and part of the world these particular products will be used, the logic behind thinking its shapes and colors might change. We are talking about different temperatures, transit mileage, logistics, and printing methods that can change drastically from country to country.

But other than these important technical aspects of the job, what we wanted to share with you in this post is our way of building packaging design. We really like to design pack concepts through what we call the sexiest selling point;

Wich brand statement will highlight your most desirable product aspect, connect better with the product’s best characteristics, and trigger the right sensations/feelings in your clients, customers, and audience in general?

We’ve been working also with delivery-only type of brands for a while, mostly fast-casual concepts. In doing that we have cracked the code for Awesome packaging systems when talking about Cloud/Dark Kitchen segment.

2. Awesome Packaging for Delivery Only Segment

It’s kind of simple yet not easy to do. Treat the packaging system as the prima donna of the brand identity. Think that this will be probably one of the few moments to really be tactile, create that wow moment and therefore make the costumer become more clingy to the idea of ordering from the same brand.

For example; When we were approached to build a democratic all-around pasta shop for delivery-only purposes, we went 100% straightforward. Dubai is probably the expat capital of the world. People from totally different cultural backgrounds live and work in a fast-paced environment, full of wonders all around. How to be fast and sharp with the messaging?

We chose to reach this broad and multiple demographic targets, focusing on one selling point. the style and versatility of the menu and its iconic packaging system.

3. Concise & Strong Messaging

An important part of creating packaging design, therefore, is hierarchy and assertiveness in the messaging. At Bodega, we try to emulate the most concise way to showcase this sexiest part of the brand messaging. And we do that exhaustingly. After several tryouts we find the perfect balance between visual and verbal narratives to deliver the needed storyline.

Clients will try to push as much as claims and payoffs as possible to create a sense of security around the packaging system. Everything is being said there, so nothing can go wrong. Right?

Well, it’s not that simple. This is where being sure about the central message you are passing through the visual and verbal cues is the key. Of course, complimentary and important dietary information or legal must-haves will always be part of the pack concept(especially on the back label), but what base sensation do you want to deliver? This is the most important part of any packaging briefing we methodically try to extract.

For Bliss, we chose to treat the wine can and its packaging system as the representation of the brand’s essence. Fresh, easy, non-boring, and always available for a good time. Sounded like a good catch, right? And it is. Your New Wine Crush.

What we are trying to say here is, grab the sexiest part of your messaging, and turn it into your packaging briefing start point;

From beer labels to coffee bags. From canned wine to burger boxes, we’re the ones to call. Hit us up!

Eduardo Brandalise

Co-Founder Bodega

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