When women get together to do business, s*** can get really serious.
As the wine market in Brazil and South America open up for business with different approach and new wine styles, we were commissioned to create a brand atmosphere that talks about easy consumption in a light and fun way.


Visual Identity
Art Direction


Adriano Snel
Eduardo Brandalise
Otro Studio

We built a powerful and colorful identity. One that brings wine consumption to new standards. Yes, this wine does come in a can, and the brand language is fresh, light and self-assured. Uncomplicated. Bliss Wine is easy to buy, store, consume individually and it’s especially fun to share. And oh… you don’t need to pretend to be anything you are not. It is delicious, pairs well with almost everything and is always, always emotionally available. Sounds like a really good catch, right 🙂

Meet your new wine crush.