Moishe’s Deli

Moishe’s Deli is a brand new Jewish Food Deli based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Moishe’s Deli is not only a Tribute to good, traditional and cultural Jewish food, but also to the Jewish people who has been pursued and suffering for a long time, and yet is able to remain unite and to keep their tradition alive. The brand is talkative, sharing that Seinfeld & Larry David sense of humour and approach to life and it’s mundane roundabouts.


Visual Identity


Artur Cunha
Eduardo Brandalise

Facilisi Moishe is not a fictional character. He was Moishe’s Deli owner’s great grandfather, and as a tribute for him. You can find great Smoked Salmon Bagels, Pastrami Sandwiches, the best pickles in town and a whole lot of things to enjoy a great meal. Moishe’s Deli is culture, heritage and the celebration of good food.